Customised Training

Training Designed For Your Team

Customised training designed specifically for your team can be a very appealing option. It can also enhance the overall effectiveness, relevance and cost efficiency of your ongoing staff training and development needs.

Training Needs Analysis

We offer a free consultation service where our expert staff conduct a Training Needs Analysis. Through this, we can determine your staff training and development needs.

We also identify a range of training options and determine any customisation required to best suit the methods and practices of your organisation.

We then develop a proposal aligned to your budget, priorities, operational considerations and preferred training delivery modes. We also identify any available Government funding, incentives and subsidies. The range of Government Traineeship and Transition to Work programs available is also considered.

In-House Licensing Available

You have the option to obtain a licence to use a wide range of our UCT training content and materials. A licensing arrangement empowers you to deliver training to staff in-house. We can also customise the content and materials to ‘best fit’ how you prefer to do things in your organisation.

You also have the support of our qualified trainers. For example, you may decide to conduct some training using your own team and require our qualified trainers to conduct other parts of your training. You also have the option to use our qualified trainers to conduct all of the training. We even offer train-the-trainer support!

You are always welcome to call us on 1300 697 545 or complete our Enquiry Form. You can download a copy of our Products & Services Guide – by clicking here.