Pricing – Volume Discount Options

From 1 Individual to 1,000’s of Employees

We understand that each individual and organisation has different needs and budgets. Some organisations have a small number of staff and others are responsible for 1,000’s of employees.

We have a large range of packages available. Volume discounts are available for any size organisation. Overall, the more you purchase the larger the cost savings.

A good example is the Volume Discount Options when choosing to purchase use of our E-Learning Professional Development Modules. An individual purchasing just one Module for a single user may pay the standard retail price. On the other hand, an organisation may qualify to pay a fraction of the retail price per user to access all of our PD modules.

To obtain further information feel free to call us on 1300 697 545 or complete our Enquiry Form We will discuss your needs and explain the various Volume Discount Options available. We will then provide you with a personalised quote.

Other Options – Including Licensing

In addition to our E-Learning Professional Development Modules we also offer a selection of Nationally Recognised Qualification courses, Units of Competency and Skill Sets. The actual cost will vary depending on the number of learners, course delivery options and any applicable Government subsidies or incentives available.

We also offer an option to obtain a licence to use a wide range of UCT non-accredited material and content to conduct your own in-house training.

Remember, you are always welcome to call us on 1300 697 545 or complete our Enquiry Form.